Worship Me


Do you desire to worship a beautiful, young Mistress dressed in latex or leather from head to toe? Have you dreamed about a Goddess controlling your every move?

Would you love nothing more than to worship every inch of a true Goddess? Do you have a fetish for feet / boots such that you need to worship, or clean the heels that you wish to have trample all over you?

Does seeing a beautiful Pro Domme dressed in latex, wearing a strap on make you weak at your knees? Do you long to be forced to the floor in your stockings and suspenders and made to suck Mistress’ cock deeply? If you need to experience a real strap on session, being fucked in so many different positions that you will fear your ass has been ruined…..Then you have just found the Strap-on Queen. Maybe you yearn to be spit roasted. Perhaps Mistress will force Her subs to choke you with their cocks, or demand that they ruin all your holes?

Have you been looking for the best fetish experience? Enter Miss Lady Ashley’s world for the ultimate fetish climax.

Miss Lady Ashley will give you an insight into one of Her favourite scenarios:

I love nothing more than to be in control. I order my sub to strip off all his clothes immediately, stand in a corner, and await his surprise. I then run my nails over their body, teasing them, watching them crave me….I pull My sub by the hair towards My face and whisper in his ear: “do you want to worship Miss Lady Ashley?” My sub then turns and drops to his knees and begins kissing My boots. In a strict manner Mistress then pulls Her sub back up by his ear: “DID I GIVE YOU PERMISSION TO MOVE OR WORSHIP MY BOOTS BOY ?!!”. “No Mistress! Sorry Mistress!” says My sub. “Do you think this is acceptable behaviour boy?!! You will now be punished and learn some respect for your Mistress!”. Mistress then ties Her sub to the whipping bench ensuring that he cannot move. Mistress now begins to punish Her sub’s bottom with an extremely hard hand spanking. My sub thanks me and begs me to stop: “i will never forget my place again! Please mistress have mercy on me!”. I begin squeezing My sub’s cock while he is tied down….. My sub screams with excitement and pain: “Thank you Mistress! Anything for you Mistress!” Mistress then pulls out Her cane and demands Her sub counts every stroke and thanks Mistress after each one. “Please Mistresses! Please! Do I have to take the cane?”. Mistress replies in a very strict Tone… “How dare you think it’s acceptable to question your Mistress!”. “For that you will receive double sub boy”. “Yes Mistress. Thank You Mistress!” My helpless sub replies with a very low tone. “I cannot hear you sub speak up or you will receive triple the amount!”. Swish goes the cane. “One! Thank You Mistress.”…. After 6 of the best have landed on My sub’s bare bottom: “Please Mistress! Is my punishment done?”. Mistress replies in a strict tone: “I have only just begun. you are now interrupting Me sub! I shall cane your bottom until you learn your place!” 20 strokes now complete …. Mistress orders Her sub to his knees and demands: “Lick my thigh high boots from the bottom to the top NOW!” As My sub gets to the top Mistress grabs her sub’s hair and forces his face into Her ass holding him there!! “You will worship Mistress you bad sub boy!” Once Mistress is happy with Her sub’s punishment time She orders Her sub to the cross: “Face the wall and spread your legs”. Mistress then ties Her sub tightly to the cross so his bottom is on show, very vulnerable, and facing Her. Mistress reaches for the strap-on: “you will take my strap on cock now sub….

Mistress begins to slide her cock in and out slowly. Her sub cries out “Fuck me harder Mistress!! “HARDER!” Standing up, Mistress begins to fuck sub’s ass fast and hard. Mistress is going to ruin sub’s ass. “Mistress is going to fuck you better than you have ever been fucked before”.. Mistress decides to change position. Undoing her sub, Mistress orders the sub back to the bench and straps him down. The fucking begins again. “Mistress demands that you will take my cock deep in your ass!” Mistress then decides to spit roast Her sub by ramming another big cock in his mouth. “suck it!” Mistress demands, now fucking Her bitch at both ends. Mistress has full control over this bad sub. Mistress fucks Her sub until She can fuck him no more! Her sub is then ordered to the bed and chained down. Mistress then lowers her beautiful ass onto Her sub’s face while teasing their cock and balls with Her long nails. Mistress then decides to employ Her milking machine for some teasing! “you cum when I say sub UNDERSTOOD?!” My sub can’t bear my nails being round his balls while being milked. “Oh please Miss Lady Ashley! Please may I cum?!” “NO!” Mistress then slips a butt plug up Her sub’s ass. “Beg me for your release sub boy. Why should I allow you to cum?!” “Do you deserve it? I may just tease you then deny you sub boy. Send you home without your release”.

Mistress turns up the milking machine and waits until he is ready to explode. Then turns it off. Mistress is very amused at teasing Her sub and denying him. Mistress then turns the milking machine onto full power: “I think you have suffered enough. Permission is now granted for you to release boy”….. Miss Lady Ashley enjoys being very strict and handing out punishments, but also can be firm, yet sensual, for beginners. Mistress expects you to crave Her from the minute you step into Her world!

This is only one scenario of Miss Lady Ashley. I’m a true Pro Domme and enjoy most aspects of domination, Although I enjoy mind control, I’m at My best when I’m doing what I enjoy the most, pushing your limits, and training you to become a real sub / slave / sissy / pet.

Sissy Play: Do you long to be dressed in sexy outfits, underwear, and stockings then trained to be the perfect sissy slut? Maybe you just like to put stockings on! Do you have these fantasies but feel awkward making them become a reality? Fear not. Miss Lady Ashley can offer you comfortable discreet surroundings where I make your fantasies become a reality. Do you need somewhere to store your sissy clothes? Look no further!

As a sub / slave / sissy do you crave a forced bi session but are a little unsure if it’s safe? Well, Miss Lady Ashley can guarantee a safe forced bi session in Her chambers with clean subs and slaves who are under the full control of Miss Lady Ashley. If you wish to be under Mistress’ control, being fucked like a slut, and your holes being abused, contact Me via email mistress@missladyashley.co.uk with as much detail about what you seek as possible to ensure you get the best out of your session with Me. Don’t delay!