I first visited MLA in November 2018. Although I had previously seen a few mistresses before this I was still very nervous when I arrived for our first session. MLA has such a way with her that she was able to get me sufficiently relaxed whilst still having me in awe. Whereas I would describe some other mistresses as being more playful in style MLA is obviously a naturally dominant woman. Even now I still feel a certain discomfort and fear in her presence and I never want that to change. The genuine pleasure she experiences in humiliating and punishing a slave is unmistakeable. However whilst she clearly enjoys hard CP she knows that I cannot be marked and she has respected that, whilst still providing very challenging sessions, with an energy that I cannot describe, leaving me feeling nothing short of exhilarated. MLA’s combination of natural dominance as well as real skill in applying her craft quickly led me to decide to devote myself soley to her for as long as she remains in London and continues to be willing to accept me as her sub.”



I have been a maid previously but only for a few hours. I wanted to experience what it would be like for a real maid who was owned and decided to book a longer session which I wanted to be as authentic as possible I was looking for the real Femdom experience. For this to work properly the Mistress I chose to serve would need to be strict, very dominant, cruel and probably sadistic.
I came across Miss lady Ashleys website and was firstly taken by her beauty, the quality and variety of her services and I enquired if she would own me for a day and let me be her maid but with real domestic duties not just playing. I received a very enthusiastic reply and as luck would have it, she would soon be moving in to new premises and they would need cleaning properly. A meeting was soon arranged where she agreed to be very strict and unforgiving and to use me as her domestic property for 9 hours.
I arrived literally days after she had moved in, as instructed at precisely the right time and I was warned she would not tolerate any poor work. I was taken into the punishment room, immediately ordered to strip and I was over her knee for a very hard hand spanking indeed. This was just to show me who was the boss and to warn me of the way I would be treated, exactly as I had asked for – very harshly. I was then instructed to put on the maids outfit she had laid out for me and the skimpy brief and I received my first wedgie of the day and then I was put straight to work.
The flat had previously been inhabited by students and was filthy. My first job was to empty the dishwasher which the students has either broken or clogged up. It was full of stale smelly water which I had to empty by hand. I then had to disinfect the inside, thoroughly clean its parts and baskets and leave it clean and fresh for inspection. I was then bent over the sink and beaten not because I had done anything wrong but because Mistress owned me and it pleased her to hurt me. This became the pattern after each task, bend over the sink and receive another dose of pain either because she wasn’t pleased with what I had done or just because she could. I should add at this point that I had given Mistress ownership of me for the day to do with me what ever she wanted to. One time she spanked me with something that really hurt and I turned round to see what it was. I was immediately reprimanded for not asking permission to turn round and received some more heavy swats from whatever it was. The Fridge was of a tall larder variety and I had to stand on a chair to clean the top. I swear this had not been dusted for 15 years, it was thick with dust muck and grime. I had to clean this to perfection. Whilst standing on the chair MLA could not resist my arse cock and balls which were now right in front of her exposed and ready to play with. I received a harsh ball squeezing and a thrashing from the crop whilst cleaning.

Work surfaces and hob cleaned to perfection, I was then on my knees cleaning the skirting boards thoroughly with a butt plug up my arse, then in to the hall for the same and to clean the lights and shades that were also disgustingly filthy. More spankings later I had to sweep the kitchen and hall floors and then mop them both thoroughly.

Mistress then took a break and ordered tea and biscuits from me whilst she relaxed and I toiled some more. When she had finished I was allowed a 5 minute break where I drank water and was offered a biscuit. I had seen the length of the list of tasks she had planned for me and we were still near the top of the list so fearing a thrashing for being too slow, I asked Mistress if I could carry on after only about 3 minutes break as I wanted to avoid much harsher punishment. In her lounge now, I was ordered to clean the slats of the blinds both sides and warned I had better make a good job of it. I doubt these had ever been cleaned since they were installed and they were exceptionally dirty and took a lot of cleaning. After cleaning the biggest blind MLA said she would inspect it and for every dirty mark found I would received 10 strokes of her heavy cane. She found 4 mistakes and I was taken Into the punishment room where I received 40 real strokes of the cane as proper punishment. This was a harsh punishment that really hurt me. To add to her pleasure she then decided she would give me 40 lashes with the tawse as well. This pleased her so much she decided to give me some more and film it for Tweeting. Back to the lounge and I had to clean the second blind, a bit smaller but still grubby. I received an infraction for this and back to the punishment room for another 10 strokes. Mistress wanted to play with my nipples some more but because they were already sore from her earlier abuse I begged her not to touch them again. This displeased her. I fully expected to receive some sharp slaps around the face judging by the look in her eyes but unexpectedly this didn’t happen and I quickly offered to take more cane strokes from an evil looking switch. She took advantage of my offer and delivered them swiftly. Back to the lounge and the third blind had to be cleaned. For this task I was timed and I had to work hard and fast but also get it perfect as I didn’t want another caning. I passed with flying colours so Mistress had no reason to cane me – not that she needed one because she owned me and could cane me whenever she wanted. To be different she ordered me into the punishment room because she was going to bang the hell out of my arse with her strapon. And bang the hell out of me she did. This was the most brutal assault on my arse I have ever encountered. Her pace, rhythm and stamina astounded me. It was a long hard fast seeing to. I looked at her face when it was over and she looked like she had been for a workout in the gym. She was properly exhausted but beaming with pride and joy. I got the feeling this was probably something she enjoyed doing more than anything else or at least its got to be in her top 3 activities. MLA is bloody good at strapon violation. After a short breather she wanted to do me again but film it this time to post on Twitter. Another pounding later it was back to work for the final assault on cleaning the dining room. The day ended sooner than expected, 9 hours had flown by and we hadn’t got round to cleaning the bathroom nor all the ironing she had saved for me.
I asked for lots of domestic duties and I asked her to be strict and harsh with me and she didn’t disappoint. I worked hard and she abused me hard. I left with a very sore arse, a bruised cock and aching balls but I had been maid for the day to a new Mistress and I’m definitely going back.



Hello Mistress

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for today’s session. I’ve been deliberating for ages about seeing a Mistress and I’m so happy that my hours of research led me to you. As you know I was really quite nervous as a newbie, but what was incredible was how you read that situation expertly and intuitively. You were understanding enough to put me at relative ease but at the same time direct enough to keep the session feeling very real. And from then on you seemed to read me so very well, coaxing out of me where I wanted to take the session without forcing me to do something I wasn’t comfortable with. You asked me whether I was a sub or a slave and I still don’t know the answer… what I do know is that after a short time today you led me to the point where I was so very willing to submit to you in any way. And I’m really excited that I’ve found you now and for a healthy, Dom/sub (or slave?!) relationship that can develop from today.

Yours very sincerely A


Without doubt the session I enjoyed yesterday with Lady Ashley is the most genuine experience I have ever had with a professional dominatrix.
This lady obviously enjoys dominating men and is extremely intuitive of her subs pyschological needs. I was a little conerned having seen posts on her Twitter account that she may prove a little ‘hard core’ for my tastes, but she skilfully crafted our time together, testing my limits and leading me gradually, but forcibly into ‘sub-space’
This young woman is extremely experienced and genuinely cares about her craft, taking the trouble to probe her subs mind and design a session that takes you to extremes of ectasy and leaves you gagging for more.
Her flat is in a safe area of London, easy walking distance from St Johns Wood station and very discreet for those who want to ensure anonymity. She is more beautiful than her pictures suggest and is a lovely person to share this special type of sexuality with. Make no mistake, despite her caring approach and interest in ensuring she interprets her subs needs, she retains a forceful superiority and you will have no choice but to bend to her will.
Unlike pro-dommes I have visited in the past, she had obviously taken the trouble to read my email and was dressed as requested in sexy fishnet tights, pvc thigh-boots and low cut pvc body, that emphasised her long legs, amazing arse and very, ample breasts – breathtakingly sexual when you’re laid on the floor while she towers over you! She tied, teased, tweaked, scratched, choked, shocked, spat and whipped me into submission then forced me to gag on her strap-on cock.
She claimed to be an expert in strap-in play and I have to say it was the greatest strap-on experience of my life. She took the time to really get me relaxed, starting off with plenty of lube, fingers, toys and a sensibly sized dildo, but before long, I was begging for her to fuck me with her big black cock – a long 50-60mm wide monster that stretched me to the limit. I won’t spoil the surprise, but if this your thing, then be prepared for the ride of your life and experience positions you will not even have thought of as she fucks you to the edge of your soul – it was like nothing I have experienced before!
The true submissive or inexperienced newbie should not hesitate to book a session with this amazing young, dominant woman as take it from someone who has seen a lot of his dommes in his time, Lady Ashley is very special and has a rare talent for BDSM that eclipses all others.’



Wow! Completely exceeded my expectations. I’ve seen a number of mistresses in London. MLA is the best. Opened the door at it was on! No small talk, she just started in on an amazing medical role play session. She incorporated absolutely everything that I asked for and my list was extensive. She has tremendous passion for her job and that came through during our entire session. Even though she played the script as I had envisioned, she improvised other ideas that kept me on edge and wanting more and more. She is absolutely stunning. Her pictures do not do here justice, almost always the opposite is true. I rarely see anyone more than once, but I will keep coming back to MLA. I can’t wait for our next session!

Thank you MLA for an incredible experience!



A review of my visit to the remarkable Lady Ashley. WOW !!
Was my immediate thought as Lady Ashley beckoned me into her apartment and it was an even bigger WOW!!
that I sighed to myself as I left..some time later – totally blown away by an amazing session orchestrated by an amazing lady.
Stunning…..more so than in her photographs. Strict……with an air of aristocratic authority Sensual……
keeping you on the edge throughout Sadistic….but controlled and perceptive. MLA is a true professional who clearly understands her business.
She is naturally dominant and from the moment you step into her lair you are under her control
Her ability to maintain an effortless commanding dialogue throughout the session enables one to remain totally in sub-space.
She will push your limits and at the same time push all your buttons My session was unrushed and I felt absolutely euphoric for some time afterwards.
Her premises are clean and inviting and I left feeling like a valued client who was given 100% committed attention throughout.
I cannot recommend MLA highly enough and very much hope to see her again soon
Thank you MLA for a truly wonderful time.
Best Wishes From Dave


Describing Miss Lady Ashley has me scared again like I was when she
stood above me with her cane/whip/paddle. Scared, that I will not
satisfy Her as She deserves. Miss Lady Ashley is a DOMINANT WOMAN (all
in capital) in every sense. Breathtakingly beautiful, truly sadistic and
very sophisticated. Most of all, though, She is captivating. She
captured my body and my soul and allowed me to become part of her
pleasures. She captivated me from the first time we communicated and
completely enslaved me after we met. Her sensual, erotic approach had me
surrender to a superior Goddess immediately, and then it was simply a
matter of satisfying Her every wish. It was so natural that I was
willing to push my limits simply to satisfy. Thank you Miss Lady Ashley
for showing me what it means to be a slave.”

I cannot thank You enough for accepting me as You slave today. It was
trully a revelation and I felt I totally connected with You today. I am
still under your control. Proudly bearing your marks.  Thank you.

You are a wonderfull person and I promise to see You again as soon as

Respectfully Yours
by Evan


I was lucky enough to spend an hour in the company of the delicious
Lady Ashley. My primary interests are in foot worship, and I can
assure fellow devotees that this lady owns two of the finest

Upon welcoming me into her very well appointed flat, she had me
undress and stand in the corner for initial inspection. When she was
satisfied, I was ordered to my knees, and instructed to carefully
remove her shoes. Ashley has an authoritative, but very sensual tone,
and instructed me to lavish affection onto her perfectly pedicured
toes, which I did with relish.

Aside from being very accommodating to all of my desires, she is
genuinely a lovely person and great conversation before during and
after our session. Highly recommended.

by Luke


She smells like the summer in June, smell that sweet scent, her perfect perfume, you wanna hold her hand you wanna make your move, steady your nerve son there’s nothing to prove, she knows you love her but can’t love you back, you’ll take her strap on and you’ll take her smack, she’ll leave you on her bed with your ass in the air, and you’ll thank your lucky stars for her pert derriere, in your dreams is where she once came, she’s queen bee queen minx of the game, she left you with a dick that’s as hard as a bone, and an asshole stretched so wide it could swallow a phone xxx

by Sam Fist